Review of the PHILIPS 10W B22 LED Emergency Inverter Bulb

RATING: 4.3/5
Our Pick in the segment

Good for your Eyes
One of the significant advantages of the Philips 10W B22 LED Emergency Inverter Bulb is its focus on eye health. The bulb provides flicker-free lighting, reducing discomfort and potential damage to the eyes. It also reduces glare, providing more comfort to the eyes and causing less physical discomfort when looking directly at the bulb. All these features contribute to making it a product that is safe for the eyes and adheres to safety and quality standards.

Good for your Health
Apart from eye safety, the bulb also offers features that improve overall well-being. The brightness it provides is comfortable and creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere at home. Moreover, the right kind of light from this bulb enhances concentration and productivity while improving mental and emotional well-being.

Peace of Mind
Investing in Philips 10W B22 LED Emergency Inverter Bulb also offers peace of mind. Being energy-efficient, it provides energy savings and reduces monthly electricity bills. The bulb has a long lifespan, ensuring years of bright, hassle-free lighting at home.

Easy Installation and Use
The bulb is designed for efficient fitting and easy installation. During main power availability, if the switch is left ‘ON,’ the bulb automatically charges, taking about 8-10 hours to charge fully. In case of a power blackout, it switches to operate on its internal battery automatically, functioning as usual.

Perfect for Power Outages
The bulb’s standout feature is its emergency inverter functionality. This makes it ideal for areas prone to power cuts, as it continues to operate on its internal battery during power blackouts, emitting a cool-day light with a temperature color of 6500K.


  1. Eye safety features – flicker-free lighting and glare reduction.
  2. Enhances overall well-being through comfortable brightness.
  3. Energy-efficient, leading to savings on electricity bills.
  4. Long lifespan ensuring years of bright, hassle-free lighting.
  5. Automatic charging and operation on internal battery during power cuts.


  1. Charging time of 8-10 hours might be considered long by some users.
  2. The bulb needs to be in the ‘ON’ position for charging, which might not always be convenient. But that’s common with every emergency light bulbs.

Tip: To get better sleep, avoid using cool white lamps/bulbs instead use warmer tones light sources.

In conclusion, the Philips 10W B22 LED Emergency Inverter Bulb is a smart choice, particularly for those living in areas with frequent power outages. Its focus on eye safety, energy efficiency, and easy installation make it a recommended product.


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