Atomberg Renesa Plus 1200mm BLDC Fan – A Highly Efficient Fan

Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan
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the Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan offers improved design and easier maintenance with the anti-dust coating.

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Overview: Atomberg Renesa Plus 1200mm Fan

The Atomberg Renesa plus Ceiling Fan builds upon the excellent performance of the Atomberg Renesa model, taking its design and functionality up a notch with some distinct features. This 5-star rated fan comes with an energy-efficient BLDC motor, a smart IR remote for easy control, superior air delivery, and LED indicators, similar to its predecessor. The standout features of the Renesa+ model include anti-dust coating and uniquely curved blade design.

atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm fan

Atomberg Renesa Plus Fan: Design and Aesthetics

The Renesa+ shares the sleek and modern design of the original Renesa model, but what sets it apart is its uniquely curved blades. This design element not only adds an aesthetic appeal but can also contribute to improved air circulation. Like the original, it comes in various color options, allowing you to choose one that matches your home decor.

Performance and Energy Efficiency

Much like the Renesa model, the Atomberg Renesa Plus fan also provides superior air delivery and saves up to 65% in electricity consumption with its energy-efficient BLDC motor. The fan maintains a consistent speed even during voltage fluctuations and runs three times longer on an inverter battery during power outages.

atomberg Renesa plus fan


The Renesa+ also offers the convenience of a smart IR remote, which allows you to adjust the fan’s speed and activate unique features like boost mode, sleep mode, or timer mode effortlessly.

atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm remote fan

Unique Features of Atomberg Renesa Plus

One of the distinguishing features of the Renesa+ model is the anti-dust coating. This is a significant upgrade over the original Renesa model, as it minimizes dust accumulation, reducing the need for frequent cleaning, especially for the lighter color variants.

atomberg Renesa+ BLDC fan review

Comparison with the Original Renesa Model

When compared with the Renesa model, the Renesa+ offers the added benefits of anti-dust coating and curved blade design. While the Renesa model’s performance is commendable, the Renesa+ model goes a step further in terms of maintenance and aesthetics. However, these added benefits might come with a slightly higher price tag.

atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm energy efficient


  1. Anti-dust coating reduces maintenance.
  2. remote operated, regulator free operation.
  3. Speed is balanced incremental and runs silently at lower speeds, good for study.
  4. Curved blades looks better than straight ones.
  5. Maintains the energy efficiency and performance of the original Renesa model.
  6. Sleek design with modern aesthetics.
  7. Available in various color options including wooden one.
atomberg renesa plus fan colours
Atomberg Renesa Plus fan in Oak Wood color


  1. Slightly more expensive than the original Renesa model.
  2. The air movement sound at high speed can still be noticeable, like the Renesa model.
  3. You may still have to clean it occasionally despite anti dust coating.
  4. Very good airflow if sitting neer it but not very effective at corners. Consider 1400mm model for a big room.

See this review of original Atomberg Renesa 1200mm Fan for more comparison

In conclusion, the Atomberg Renesa+ Ceiling Fan proves to be an excellent upgrade over the Renesa model, offering improved design and easier maintenance with the anti-dust coating. While the price point may be a bit higher, the benefits it offers make it a worthy investment.

atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm review

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