Review of the GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm: Best Grid Light in Range

GODOX SB-GUE Octa Softbox 120cm
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The GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm is an expertly designed photography tool that provides uniform, gentle, and exquisite light, suitable for a wide range of studio flash shooting scenarios

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This is a Review of the GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm with Bowens Mount and Grid


TheGODOX SB-GUE120 Octa Softbox is an expertly designed photography tool that provides uniform, gentle, and exquisite light, suitable for a wide range of studio flash shooting scenarios. With its hard skeleton and professional reflective fabric, this softbox creates the precise colour temperature desired by many professional photographers.

GODOX SB-UE120 Octa-Softbox 120cm review

Professional Reflective Fabric and Hard Skeleton

The GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm uses a professional reflective fabric that’s tailored elaborately to ensure accurate colour temperature. The hard skeleton provides the softbox with enough support, ensuring it maintains its shape during intensive studio flash shooting.

GODOX Octa-Softbox 120cm

Two Layers of Soft Cloth

Featuring two layers of soft cloth, the Octa-Softbox provides an even and gentle light that’s highly desirable for professional photography. The dual-layer design helps to soften the light, making it more flattering for fashion photography, portraits, and medium to large-sized product shots.

GODOX SB-UE120 review

Convenient and Portable Design

The silvery white umbrella skeleton design makes it convenient to fold and install. Its portability makes it easy to carry around, perfect for photographers who often switch locations.

Standard Size Bowens Mount

The high-quality softbox is equipped with a standard size Bowens mount, making it a perfect fit for any studio. It’s compatible with many brands that use the same mount, expanding its versatility in different studio settings.


The SB-GUE series of softboxes from GODOX are renowned for their short folding and unfolding time. This makes them a perfect choice for photographers who often change their workplace and need to work quickly or in limited storage space.

High-Quality Construction and Easy Assembly

The sheathing material, made from rip-stop nylon fabric, is stretched and held taut by a structure with resilient steel bars. The interior is finished with a silver screen that evenly distributes light over the diffusers. The softbox can be easily folded and stowed away in the cover within seconds when necessary.

GODOX SB-UE120 Octa-Softbox 120cm grid effect

Precision Metal Head and High Reflective Material

The GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm features a precision metal head that’s durable, solid, and lightweight. Its umbrella body is made from high-density nylon material that offers high reflectivity, providing better even and soft light.

Cons of the GODOX SB-GUE120 Octa-Softbox 120cm with Bowens Mount and Grid

  1. Cost: As a high-quality professional product, the GODOX SB-GUE120 Octa-Softbox may come with a price tag that could be considered steep for amateur photographers or hobbyists.
  2. Size: While its size provides ample lighting for professional shoots, the 120cm softbox might be considered too large for small studio spaces or on-location shoots with limited space.

Tips for Using the GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm with Bowens Mount and Grid

  1. Ensure Proper Setup: Be sure to properly assemble the softbox on a sturdy stand before use. Incorrect assembly could lead to accidents that might damage the softbox or your camera equipment.
  2. Use the Provided Diffusers: For softer and more even light, always use the provided diffusers. They can greatly enhance the quality of the light and thus, your photos.
  3. Experiment with Angles: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles when positioning the softbox. Changing the angle can dramatically alter the mood and style of your photos.
  4. Use the Grid for Directed Light: When you want to focus the light on a specific area or subject, use the included honeycomb grid. This can help you create more dramatic lighting effects in your images.
  5. Care and Storage: After use, ensure the softbox is properly cleaned and stored to maintain its quality. Use a dry cloth to wipe any dust or dirt off the softbox and ensure it is completely dry before folding it for storage. This will help prolong its lifespan.

Remember, the GODOX Octa Softbox 120cm with Bowens Mount and Grid is a professional piece of equipment. Understanding how to utilize its features to their full potential can greatly enhance the quality of your work.


The GODOX SB-GUE120 Octa-Softbox 120cm with Bowens Mount and Grid is a necessary piece of photographic equipment for any professional photographer. It combines top-notch design, high-quality materials, and convenient features to deliver impressive results. Whether you’re shooting fashion photography, portraits, or product shots, this softbox can make a significant difference in your work.

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GODOX SB-UE120 Octa-Softbox 120 review

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