Exceptional Convenience: Hoteon Extension Board, Power Strip with 20W Fast PD/Type C, 2500W 10A, 38W USB Fast Charging Ports

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Hoteon Extension Board is an impressive device that stands out in terms of both functionality and safety. Offering a blend of fast charging and surge protection capabilities, it caters to modern home and office power needs in an outstanding manner.

Performance (5/5)

With a maximum output of 2500W and 10A current rating, the board can easily handle multiple high-power devices simultaneously. The three international sockets allow for diverse plug configurations, adding to its universality. One highlight is the PD/Type-C fast charger and three 18W QC 3.0 USB ports, which speed up device charging up to 4 times compared to regular chargers.

Safety (5/5)

The extension board is constructed from high-strength, fire-resistant ABS+PC shell, making it fireproof up to 850℃. With features like child safety door protection and a full suite of protections against fluctuations, over-current, over-charging, short circuiting, over-heating, and electromagnetic interference, this board ensures comprehensive safety for both users and connected devices.

Design and Convenience (4/5)

The Hoteon Extension Board sports a compact, portable design, making it an ideal power solution for various settings such as home, library, office, or travel. The 2-meter long cord adds to the convenience, providing ample reach for different power outlets. However, while the wide spacing (2.08 inches) between two sockets is helpful for larger adapters, it does mean the overall board takes up more space.

Durability (4/5)

Constructed with 100% copper wire and a durable casing, the Hoteon Extension Board seems built to last. The silicone non-slip mats ensure stability on various surfaces, further protecting the board and connected devices. The warranty covers the extension board only and not the connected devices, which is fairly standard but does limit coverage.


The Hoteon Extension Board is an excellent power solution, combining versatility, fast charging capabilities, and superior safety measures. It can help extend the life of your electronics and deliver stable power supply, making it an excellent investment for both home and office use. The small size and portability make it ideal for travel, although the broad socket spacing could limit its placement in tighter spaces.

Hoteon Extension Board Power Strip with 20W Fast PDType C 2500W 10A Extension Cord with 3 Universal Socket 38W USB Fast Charging Ports

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