Philips BHS738/00 Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener

Philips BHS738/00 Kerashine Straightener
Philips BHS73800 Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener e1687874434979

SUMMERY: The Philips BHS738/00 Straightener, with SilkProtect technology and wide titanium-keratin plates, efficiently styles thick hair, giving salon-like results. Slight waviness may return in extremely curly hair.

Product Brand: PHILIPS

Product Currency: INR

Product Price: 2999 to 3200

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Review of Philips BHS738/00 Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener with SilkProtect Technology

Extra-Wide Straightening Plates

The wide plates are a standout feature of this straightener. Specially designed for thick or long hair, they cover more area in one go, reducing styling time considerably – a big plus for those with a tight schedule.

Philips BHS738:00 Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener review

SilkProtect Technology & Temperature Settings

With SilkProtect technology, this straightener ensures optimized heat and minimized damage. Its professional temperature settings further enhance its safety and versatility, accommodating a range of hair textures.

Keratin-Infused Titanium Plates

Keratin-infused titanium plates are a boon for shiny, smooth hair. They allow for fast heat transfer and smooth glide, thus quickening the styling process and enhancing shine.

Unique ION Functionality

ION functionality helps combat frizz, leading to smoother hair. The sizzling sound and unusual smell are nothing to worry about, just a part of the feature.

Professional-Length Plates & Swivel Cord

The professional-length plates facilitate quicker, easier straightening. The 1.8 m heat safe swivel cord adds to the user-friendly nature of the product by preventing tangles.

Effectiveness on Various Hair Types

The straightener delivers commendable results on a variety of hair types. However, on extremely curly hair, the straight effect may not hold for more than a day.

Warranty & Durability

This straightener comes with a 2-year Philips India warranty, offering reassurance of the product’s durability and longevity.

Personal Tip for Use

For optimal results, straighten small sections of hair at a time and apply serum before and after the process to protect the hair and maintain its shine.


The Philips BHS738/00 Kerashine Titanium Wide Plate Straightener offers remarkable efficiency, performance, and convenience, making it a worthy investment for those seeking salon-like hair straightening results at home.

Overall Rating: 4.4/5

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