Nat Habit: Henna Paste for Coloring Hair Naturally

If you’re in search of a convenient, high-quality henna paste that saves you the hassle of traditional preparations, then Nat Habit’s Back To Natural Secrets Everyday Ready-To-Apply Henna Paste should top your list. This game-changing product boasts an easy-to-use format that simplifies the age-old tradition of applying henna.

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Nat Habit – Back To Natural Secrets Everyday Ready-To-Apply Henna Paste

Nat Henna Packaging and Convenience

Presented in a pack of two 220g containers, this ready-to-apply henna paste eliminates the need for pre-planning. Often, the most arduous part of applying henna is the overnight soaking process, but this product sidesteps the issue entirely. With this ready-made paste, you can apply henna whenever the mood strikes, highlighting its convenience and ease of use. Moreover, the packaging is well thought-out, ensuring the henna paste is easy to store and maintain.

Color and Effects of Henna Paste

The standout feature of this henna paste is the rich brown shade it imparts. This is a refreshing change from the usual orange-red tint most henna powders deliver. What’s more, the color lasts notably longer, making your hair look vibrant and well-nourished for extended periods.

In addition to coloring, this henna paste offers substantial hair conditioning benefits. It leaves hair lush, shiny, and incredibly soft to touch, while also strengthening it. Over time, the paste also contributes to promoting hair growth, thus serving multiple purposes.

Nat Habit Henna: Quality and Composition

The quality of this product is unbeatable, thanks to the ultra-filtered Rajasthani henna soaked in black tea and herbs. This 100% natural, chemical-free blend is a rarity in the hair care market and is bound to win over purists who appreciate authenticity and wholesomeness in their hair care routines.

The addition of black tea and other Ayurvedic ingredients such as amla, shikakai, triphala, manjistha, bhringraj, and rosemary ensures your hair gets the best care. All these ingredients are infused for maximized results, making this product more than just a hair coloring agent. It is a holistic hair care solution that nurtures and nourishes your hair while imparting a beautiful color.

Certification and Safety

Another impressive aspect of this henna paste is its certification as an Ayurvedic Medicine by the Government of AYUSH. It is not just a hair care product but a testament to the power of Ayurveda. It is 100% chemical-free, preservative-free, and alcohol-free, underlining its safety profile and commitment to natural care.

How to Apply Henna Paste to Colour Hair

Application is a breeze with this creamy henna paste. Its rich texture ensures an even spread, providing a uniform color. The recommended usage time is 2-3 hours, after which you can wash it off with plain water. It is recommended to avoid shampoo right after the application but using conditioner or oil is fine.

Remember to store the pack airtight in the refrigerator and use it within 45 days of manufacturing. If stored in a freezer, the product lasts up to 90 days.


In summary, the Nat Habit – Back To Natural Secrets Everyday Ready-To-Apply Henna Paste is a revolutionary product that simplifies the henna application process without compromising on quality or results. It is perfect for individuals looking for an easy, natural, and effective solution for enriching their hair with henna’s multitude benefits. It is indeed one of the best henna products in the market, offering exceptional value for money while staying true to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

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Nat Habit Ready-To-Apply Henna Paste
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This chemical-free, preservative-free, ultra-filtered Rajasthani henna soaked in black tea and herbs provides lush conditioning, strength, and aids in hair growth, making it a holistic hair care solution.

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