Portronics Power Plate 7 with 6 USB Port + 8 Power Sockets Smart Electric Universal Extension Board Multi Plug with 2500W, 3Mtr Cord Length, 2.1A USB Output

Rating: 4.4/5

Portronics Power Plate 7 with 6 USB Port 8 Power Sockets Smart Electric Universal Extension Board Multi Plug with 2500W review

The Portronics Power Plate 7 is an intelligently designed and efficient power adaptor that flawlessly combines utility, safety, and adaptability in one handy device.

Multi-Use Power Sockets: 4.5/5

With eight separate power sockets, Power Plate 7 takes multitasking to a new level. It ensures even power distribution across all plugged-in devices, addressing the needs of homes and offices that run multiple electronics simultaneously.

Uniform Power from USB Ports: 4.5/5

Featuring six USB ports with a total output of 2.1A, this device ensures that all your USB-compatible devices receive consistent and efficient power supply throughout their run time. Although the output is well-optimized for most devices, some high-power devices may require more juice.

Cord Length and Mobility: 4.5/5

Power Plate 7 comes with a 3-meter (300cm) long, durable cord. This length provides sufficient mobility for users, allowing more freedom in device placement and usage. However, some users might still find the cord length limiting in specific scenarios.

Intelligent and Efficient Design: 4.5/5

Equipped with imported intelligent chips, this power board boasts stealthiness and efficiency. The inclusion of the latest power conversion technology marks it as a necessary tool for everyday gadgets, enhancing its overall value.

Advanced Safety Features: 4.5/5

Safety is a paramount concern for Power Plate 7. Overvoltage protection safeguards your devices from sudden voltage surges, while over-temperature protection prevents the device from overheating, even when multiple devices are plugged in. The device also offers short-circuit protection and will shut off automatically in case of a short circuit. However, it is recommended to avoid plugging in too many devices simultaneously to prevent circuit overloads.

In conclusion, the updated features of Portronics Power Plate 7 reinforce it as a high-quality, versatile, and safe power adaptor that is well-suited to meet the demands of modern electronics. The device’s minor limitations are easily outweighed by its robust features and excellent performance, making it a top contender in its category.

portronics power plate 7
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